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for brands and businesses with frustratingly complex, hard to find audiences.

Jaywood Created in 2012

From day 1, we have been delivering high quality, market-leading digital marketing strategies and solutions to clients with hard-to-find, annoyingly complex audiences.

A few years on, the marketing world has changed, but our focus remains the same as ever. We create and deliver strategies that find customers for brands and businesses whose audiences are hard-to-find.

Some of the clients we work with today, bought into our approach, culture and philosophy back when we first logged in our email, back in 2012. Relationships as solid as those show how we’ve been able to deliver growth to clients consistently over time.

Our approach is simple – understand our clients’ objectives and their audience’s needs. Our customer’s customer is our focus at all times and we put them first, always.

strategies_Lato_svgOur Strategies

“Punching above our weight” is a common theme in our agency.  It’s something that our clients say we enable them do and it’s something we do too. 

You get the insight, work and results of agencies hundreds of times our size. You get the same dedication to improvement and innovation. You get to be more than ‘an account’ on someone’s CV. You’re part of our Agency and we’re part of your team.

date_latoOur perfect date

Small, independent agency, born in 2012 with a love of data, walks in the countryside, animals and digital strategy. We’re open to all different kinds of relationship, whether you’re just after a quickie, a short-term project or a long and lasting relationship. It’s not that we’re not fussy, we just like to meet new people. Like anyone on the dating scene, we’ve absolutely got a type.

Would like to meet

Strategic Believers

Strategy is a wonderful thing, especially if you’re working in a place where you have the time, space and resource to define and deliver it. Not everyone does though.

If you’re struggling to move on from just delivering tactics and having a real plan, we’re here to help.

Complex Customers

Do you feel that everyone you’ve met really doesn’t get what you’re trying to do? Lots of ‘oh yeah, that’s like…’ types of feedback but underwhelming results because, well, the agencies you’ve worked with just don’t get it.

You’re our kind of client. Your customers are the types of challenge we live for.

Challenger Brands

Are you new to the market?  Are you stepping into a world crammed with well established and imposing competitors?  Are you struggling with a superior product that’s struggling to get a foothold?

Your brand is our bread-and-butter.  We’ve earned a reputation for supporting brands and having them punch above their weight.

Data Driven Operators

If you live and die by your performance dashboard then you’re our kind of brand.  We’re big fans of anyone who loves their numbers and wants to understand them better or increase their accuracy.

We cut our marketing teeth on brands like yours and we’ve improved the performance of many a data operator – so get your charts out and show us your trends.

The nice people we work with, say nice things about our work.

Frank Fenton
"Jaywood are a trusted and respected strategic partner for us. The work that we've done together has always been thorough, well thought out and very effective."
Frank Fenten
Digital Director, Dinosaur
Approach_strkOur Approach

We don’t hide behind jargon, in-language and the secrets of digital marketing. We invest time and energy in ensuring that you understand what we are doing, what we are working on and the results that we are getting for you.


We’re not afraid of asking questions and questioning the things that you want to do. It’s not a matter of being direct for the sake of it, more that we take the values that come from being a Yorkshire business and use them to benefit your business.


The investment you make in your digital marketing is as important to us as it is to you, so we treat that investment like it’s our own. Wherever your strategy is focused, you will know when, where, and how your money is being spent.

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Jim Woodhead
Managing Director

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