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When Stream was launched into an already busy marketplace, it needed to make a fast, lasting impression with prospects and then turn them into customers.

Jaywood joined up with Stream in 2016 to create a digital strategy for this exciting challenger brand. They were stepping into a busy marketplace that was dominated by big, established competitors. The website, launched with no PR or reputation and only a couple of core assets. We have worked closely with Stream’s marketing team to implement the strategy, give the brand a foothold and create a band of happy customers.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that Jaywood have us punching far above our weight.  A brand as new as ours probably doesn’t deserve to be working with some of the clients we have and the fact that we are has a lot to do with Jaywood’s work” Paul Rufus – Marketing Manager
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Stream started life as a bespoke tool, designed by one man for his friends business to use for their drivers. Software designed and developed to meet a specific need turned out to have a far wider user base. A one of solution might have been designed, but an industry leading product had been born. Today, through their two core products, Stream Go and Stream Check, they’re supporting the logistics industry and fleet managers to optimise delivery routes, improve delivery quality and service, reduce mileage while also making sure that vehicles are well maintained and fit for the road at all times

Having efficient and effective digital communications and marketing is essential to Stream. From driving newsletter sign-ups and information requests to booking online product demonstrations, our focus was immediately on acquiring as many customers to the website as possible, while being careful to weed out users who would not benefit from Stream.

The Solution


Stream were the new kids in town and they needed to establish themselves in their market quickly. Pay Per Click (PPC) search marketing is the obvious choice for any brand looking to make a splash and Stream had already made a start with their own campaign. With the campaign in need of some fine tuning, we were invited in to make some recommendations that would help drive efficiency, train up the team so that they could continue to improve the account and promote the product.

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Through a series of detailed account reviews and intensive training, we supported Stream through a period of campaign optimisation and improvement. Within weeks, Stream’s Google Ads account went from run-of-the-mill to best-in-class. Click Through Rates rocketed while Cost Per Click dropped. With key performance metrics like Quality Score improving across the account, Stream soon found the volume of leads and enquiries increasing.

We didn’t limit our consultancy and support to the Ads account only. We trained the Stream Marketing Team on landing page optimisation and passed on some simple tips on the best ways to optimise the on-site conversion rate. Together, we removed as much waste as we could from the campaign and as a result, cost per lead came down to under £10.


Challenger brands are known for their ‘seat of the pants’ approach to running the operation. So much time is taken up getting the product to market and converting leads that there is very little time left for thinking and acting strategically. We stepped in to create a digital strategy for Stream which focused on sustainable growth, efficient and effective digital marketing and a realistic return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Our strategy allowed Stream to start to spread their time and energy across the full range of digital channels, where they had been entirely focused on one. We provided them with open and flexible access to the agency’s resources, meaning they could call on us to support, optimise and consult on activities and specific projects whenever they needed.

Their digital strategy continues to evolve and grow in structured phases, taking Stream from challenger brand status to mature digital natives with a significant share of the market and that continues to grow.


The UK was never going to be big enough for Stream and once we’d established a solid foothold at home, our attention quickly moved to Europe and the USA.

Starting with an entry campaign into the Netherlands, where Stream had first person support, we launched their product suite to European customers. Within the first four weeks of the campaign, Stream had received enquiries from prospects that included one of Europe’s leading airlines.

The USA campaign quickly followed. That quickly opened Stream up to an enormous new market and it’s a campaign that continues to grow and drive new users. We continue to support them with day-to-day improvements, website optimisation and improvements.

“Jaywood have sat at the heart of our marketing and growth since not long after Stream’s launch. They’ve guided and supported us through our early phases and helped us become digitally mature and highly sophisticated.  Our Marketing Team certainly benefit from their support and close integration.”

Dave Pickburn – Managing Director

Total Target Audience Size


Audiences with a requirement for delivery management and logistics software

Overall On-site Conversion

6 %

Average CPC reduced by over half.

PPC Cost Per Click Reduction

55 %

On-site conversion rate across all channels.

Total Number of Countries


Stream has been launched into 5 countries.

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