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Simply Feet have been selling shoes online since 2010 and needed their digital activity to step up to the challenge of today’s online marketplace.

We teamed up with Simply Feet in 2021 as the world came blinking out into the sunshine post lockdown and the chaos of Covid 19.  They’d been through huge change in that period and their digital marketing had been neglected for years.  Our job was, on paper a pretty simply one – get the digital working efficiently and effectively.

“From the first meeting we had to the on-going support and guidance they provide, the Jaywood team have been brilliant.  They get us and our customers and deliver PPC results that match perfectly.”

John Dyett – MD, Simply Feet

The apparel market is one of the most challenging online. There are competitors of all scales and sizes wherever you look and the biggest brands dominate the market. Cutting through in a space that is so crowded requires small brands to find niches and really scream at the top of their lungs about the value they provide. 

As a  pure online retailer, Simply Feet can’t afford to be swamped in their space – it’s an existential threat to their business. Being at the very top of the research and purchase journey therefore, means everything. With a catalogue of well-known brands, Simply Feet were well placed to sell the right product to the right customer – but the brand wasn’t cutting through.  The PPC account had been poorly set up by well-meaning internal team members who’d created a skeleton structure and then left Simply Feet, meaning that the account had been neglected, was wasteful and inefficient.

We worked hand-in-glove (foot-in-sock perhaps?) with Simply Feet to bring their PPC accounts into a position where they were working both efficiently and effectively, reach the right customer and showcase the brands they have in-stock.

The Solution


A crowded marketplace means that ads need to be relevant, timely, accurate and vitally, cost-effective. Our first task was to bring the Google Ads account into the 21st century.  Responsive search ads needed to be introduced, the account structure needed a full overhaul and the keywords updated so that the account stopped wasting money.  Impressions weren’t leading to clicks, clicks weren’t leading to sales. 

Once the account had been tidied up and made to run efficiently, we started to implement targeting, remarketing, custom audiences and Performance Max within the account. With an account that was fit-for-purpose and using the latest AI and machine learning based tools, sales started to flow in.

Simply Feet Case Study In Page


With easily more than 50,000 SKUs and refreshes of the product offer every three months, integrating the website, PIM and PPC account was essential for short, medium and long term success. PMax was top of our functional hit-list for the PPC and making sure that it was running smoothly and accurately delivered sales from the moment it was put live.

From chaos, calm was restored and the implementation of the very latest and best PPC technologies, alongside integration with GA4 and Magento has seen impressions clicks and conversions soar.  Operating at well over 500% ROAS, the Simply Feet PPC account continues to grow and develop.



Average monthly impressions



Average monthly clicks

Conversion Rate

6 %

Typical conversion rate


512 %

Return on Ad Spend

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