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Unlocking the secrets of the world’s biggest online bass guitar school.

Scott’s Bass Lessons are the biggest and most effective online bass guitar school in the world.  Understanding what motivates users of their website – – is key to their on-going growth.

If you’re not careful, you can miss out on great things if you don’t ask the right questions. When we were approached by a chap who said he “just had a problem with his guitar tutor website”, there was a moment where any other agency would have turned their nose up. Fortunately, it was the moment we started asking lots of questions.

Scott Devine
“Jaywood gave us the insight, detail and data we needed to improve the way we run the website.  We’re a better business for their input.”

Scott Devine – Founder, Scott’s Bass Lessons

Every business has an origin story. Scott’s Bass Lessons started with a single YouTube video. It now contains over 400 years worth of video content. One man’s how-to video has grown into an online academy of more than 25,000 students, teaching bass guitar players of all levels.

Now, with workforce all over the world and a significant marketing budget, the question became whether or not their budget was well spent and whether the website was working as effectively as it could. Questions we were happy to answer.

The Solution


With their in-house resource spread houses across the world, Scott’s Bass Lessons needed to be able to understand how each channel they were investing and working in was performing. A well structured attribution model that showed the impact of each piece of marketing was called for.

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We took each channel, every penny of spend and each campaign run in turn, looked at their conversion and brand performance before stitching together a complete picture of their marketing performance. Each channel’s contribution to the overall performance was determined and understood. Their campaigns, spend and performance could now be seen in context and more insightful decisions made as a consequence. Making all of this happen required the addition of Google Tag Manager to their analytic infrastructure and we were on hand to build and publish the tags, triggers and variables needed.


Attribution modelling highlighted a fault with Scott’s Bass’ organic search performance.  With a heavy reliance on paid search (PPC) and limited space for growth, it was essential that their organic performance was improved. We worked with their teams to deliver a fully optimised website, focused on reaching the right audience, with the right content at the right time.


One of the toughest challenges faced by any modern business is the migration from their current website to the new one. Designers promise a revolution before the very familiar cliff-edge fall in website traffic hits, days after launch. As an online-only business, Scott’s Bass couldn’t afford even the slightest fall in performance. They called us and asked us to prevent it. 

With a full audit of the live website complete, we’d identified all of the pages, assets and items and we were able to compare the live site with the new one on its staging server. With a careful programme of amends, revisions and redirects, we were able to manage the website transition with a mere 1% fall in traffic. 

“It’s not just the knowledge and experience that you get with Jaywood.  You get them and all of their contacts and connections, making them one of the most exceptional digital agencies we’ve ever worked with.”

Stuart Wilson – Technical Director

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