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Improving the lives of vulnerable people through smart digital strategy

Ruskin Mill have been providing specialist, independent eduction and social care to learners with complex educational needs at locations across the UK for over 30 years.  

Jaywood teamed up with Ruskin Mill in 2016 to devise and implement a digital strategy that would help them deliver their curriculum, beliefs and ethos to families and Education Authorities across the country. They needed showcase the benefits and results of their unique, Morris, Ruskin and Steiner-inspired method and how it has transformed the lives of both children and adults who have learning difficulties through their website, 

“Jaywood took our needs and the challenges that we face and translated them into a structured and deliverable digital strategy.  It wasn’t just consultancy and empty words, it was a real commitment to understanding us, our needs and our methods.”

Kate Horncastle – Marketing Manager
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As one of the country’s foremost educational and social care charities, it’s essential that Ruskin Mill share and communicate their values, method and purpose to as wide an audience as possible, but most importantly, as relevant an audience as possible.

Digital is now at the heart of their end-users research and understanding. Busy, tired and emotionally driven families turn to online channels to learn, share and inform themselves and others. They demand clear, comprehensible and understandable information, journeys and communications that are capable of quickly establishing Ruskin Mill as the provider of choice in the market.

We worked closely with Ruskin Mill to revolutionise the way that they communicated with all of their audiences, especially families to make the digital experience they deliver as efficient and effective as possible.

The Solution


Not everyone can dedicate their time and energy to educating and caring for individuals with needs as complex as Ruskin Mill’s learners. In our very first presentation to Ruskin Mill, we set our belief that they were all superheroes. Such energy and learner outcomes deserved a far more effective and valuable digital experience. More people needed to be aware of the work and results that Ruskin were achieving and people should be beating down the doors in order to get the people in their care enrolled.

Our strategy focused on short, medium and long term objectives and clearly showed a roadmap from their current position, with a busy website with low engagement to one where Ruskin Mill were the provider of choice, irrespective of their location.

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All too often, large organisations whose team members are spread across the country and who don’t meet face-to-face find that their content can suffer. A need to get the job done, move on to the next task and the lack of group interaction can lead to the creation of fractured content that no-one has full oversight of and few get the time to sense-check. This was where Ruskin Mill had found themselves, and their organic search performance was suffering.

Over time, the content of the Ruskin Mill website had become diluted to a point where it lacked effectiveness. In a space where some of the language can be hard to grasp, content had become inaccessible to laymen and required an overhaul. Using search analysis tools and the Gunning Fog readability index we were able to bring the website content up-to-date.

This immediately yielded improvements to Ruskin Mill’s search position and organic traffic.

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With organic search optimised and improving, the next most important aspect of Ruskin Mill’s strategy was the implementation of a paid search campaign. Using a Google Grant, we were able to secure sufficient funding to increase Ruskin Mill’s reach 3 fold and ensure that they were talking to audiences ahead of their competitors and alternative providers. Powered by PPC, Ruskin Mill saw a rapid and effective climb in their online traffic, improving their overall performance and addressing historical declines

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“Jaywood introduced structure, clarity and a sense of combined purpose.  Not just through the work they were brought in to do, but also through the systems, reports and tools they provided.”

Kate Horncastle – Marketing Manager

Monthly Traffic Growth

7 %

Monthly digital traffic growth

Audience Reach Increase

12 %

Increase in reach into the target audience

Google Ads Click Through Rate

13 %

Average Click Through Rate on PPC

Open Day Booking Rate

5 %

Growth in placement open day enquiries

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