Taking a trend maker and making them a groundbreaker

Bringing digital into the heart of Prestigious Textiles

With the widest range of textiles in the market, Prestigious Textiles focus on showcasing their products and latest collections to as wide a range of customers as possible.

Prestigious Textiles reached out to Jaywood in 2017.  They were concerned that their SEO agency weren’t delivering the service levels they needed and had been promised. While they were concerned with their day-to-day activity, we identified an immature digital marketplace, ready for one brand to take the lead. Prestigious Textiles are now that brand.

“Jaywood have brought us from a position of digital naivety to one where we lead our market and others look to what we’re doing when they define their own strategies.  We’re now a digital first, social business and it’s thanks, in no small part to their involvement.”

Nicola Brumfitt– Marketing Director
Prestigious Textiles Case Study

With 30 years history, heritage and knowledge behind them, Prestigious Textiles have earned their position as one of the UK’s leading textiles brands. It’s not just their history that sets them apart, but the range of designs that they keep in stock and available for customers. With a network of suppliers across the country, Prestigious’ reseller network is made up of high quality artisans and professionals who produce stunning items of furniture and home decor.

The challenge faced by Prestigious is primarily a brand challenge. Theirs is a B2B brand that masquerades as a consumer brand. The end user is not the buyer and the buyer is not brand loyal. Our task was to build a bond between the customer who will live with Prestigious’ fabric and the brand itself. To make the end user ‘want’ to own Prestigious Textiles and share that with the world. Doing that meant increasing overall awareness, deepening the relationship between them and the consumer.

The Solution


An established brand like Prestigious comes with an authoritative website, full of products and content that should have been ranking well.  So declining organic traffic was an immediate concern. We started with a page optimisation programme, making the Prestigious website the best optimised site in the marketplace.

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To establish themselves as the trend-makers in the marketplace, it was essential that Prestigious invest in content and a solid content plan. In the first phase of their content marketing strategy we added a blog to the website and started to add content regularly.  From never creating consumer based content to becoming masters of blogging and sharing, the marketing team revolutionised their digital activity. Fresh, consumer based marketing content quickly turned into more traffic and then, increased enquiries and more requests from stockists.

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It’s not possible to create a consumer focused brand without having a strong emphasis on social media marketing. When our relationship with Prestigious began, they had no social presence at all. Starting with Facebook, we have taken them from having no social presence at all, to having a market-leading social presence. Our commitment to producing high-quality content and the investment we have made in training and directly supporting the in-house marketing team has lead to Prestigious having the largest social growth in their sector and the highest levels of real engagement too. 

Images, video, content all combine across a range of social platforms. Prestigious’ reach continues to grow apace and with over 20,000 Instagram followers in the UK and a further 13,000 on Facebook their performance is the envy of their market.  We’re now supporting their international social growth with presences being developed for key European markets.

“We are where we are thanks to Jaywood.  We hadn’t considered social, content and blogging before they started working with us, now it’s our daily focus.”

Katie Dick – Marketing Manager

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