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Research and Development Tax Credits are a scheme set-up by HMRC to reward business innovation, growth and investment in the future economy – but they can be a minefield of jargon and technical thinking. Easy R&D make the task of processing an R&D tax claim… well, easy.

Easy R&D contacted Jaywood in May 2020.  They had been investing heavily in digital marketing channels and activity but lacked clarity when it came to performance metrics and whether their various partners were providing a rounded view of performance. We were called in to provide them with a single, fully attributable view of their channel performance.

“Jaywood have brought us from a position of confusion to one of clarity.  All of the performance data we need is at our fingertips and available in an integrated, attributable framework which can use to drive the business forwards.”

Asha Chudasama – Head of Marketing
Jaywood and Easy R&D

Some people might not consider Research and Development Tax Credits all that… sexy.  It’s a sector that only a few people know about and fewer understand how to work their way through.  The investment that many companies make in product research and development can run into millions and those businesses need to partner with an expert who can ensure that they are receiving the most value they can from the tax credits system.

The challenge that Easy R&D faced was one of understanding.  Their market is congested, with multiple providers fighting over a comparatively small number of clients.  With the customer acquisition battle being played out online, it’s vital that the Easy R&D team know the efficiency, effectiveness and value of every pound they invest in digital.

The Solution


If the battle for customers is taking place online, then Easy R&D needed to know how they were performing.  We were asked to transform their understanding of digital performance by making their analytics best-in-class

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Best-in-class analytics requires, first a clear and detailed understanding of the reporting needs.  We needed to establish how analytics needed to be applied and what data was essential to capture.  We also wanted to get a full understanding of the back-end technologies being used and where we would have to find integration points.

Jaywood and Easy R&D

Easy R&D use Zoho as their CRM and WordPress for their website CMS – platforms which are simple to integrate on paper, but in reality, require a detailed knowledge of how the two systems talk to one another.

We used Google Tag Manager as a central connection tool, firstly for the integration of WordPress and Zoho but then for the practical application of Google Analytics’ ‘Customer ID’ feature.  We created an innovative group of scripts with worked with the creation of Customer ID’s in GA.  Each new Customer ID created flagged a GA Event, which in turn allowed us to track the channel which acquired the customer, their journey through the website and then pass that data into Zoho when a conversion point was reached.

Easy R&D now have an analytics platform that is not just fit for their own reporting requirements, but also gives them an advantage over others in their marketplace through the application of a full data suite.

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