Our Thoughts

We have the odd one, once in a while and we like to jot them down somewhere.  Who knows, maybe you’ll think some of the same things?

Bucket loads of Direct Traffic doesn’t always mean you have a strong brand.

There is no such thing as a vanity metric.

The data behind Leeds United’s play-off chances


The ASA’s ban on gender stereotypes shows how bad a lot of advertising is

How Facebook’s F8 2019 Conference impacts your ad strategy

Cutting through the crap of influencer marketing


Lemons to Lemonade: Making the Best of Featured Snippets

Optimising the digital travel experience.

Gillette – the best an ad can get?

Who will win Love Island 2018?

Being a sprat shouldn’t make you mackerel food.

England will lose their match tonight and it’s ITV’s fault.


On a quest to find the Mountains of Kong

GDPR – Stop complaining and embrace the change.

Google – the world’s most notorious hipster.

What iTunes Shuffle can teach you about bad marketing.


It’s not business, it is personal.


Balancing your brand traffic.

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